Technology and Kids: Part Two – You Need to Think About This Now

“No one walks down the aisle with a pacifier in his mouth.” “College admission offices aren’t going to ask how old she was when she was toilet trained.” The above (one hopes) true statements are relayed to young parents as a way of saying, “Relax.” As such, they are valuable bits of advice from those […]

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Merry Christmas (No Reply Necessary)

“Have a joyous Christmas.” “Thank you and Happy Chanuka. Well, I guess that’s over now but I hope it was happy, I mean…” I’ve had a few awkward conversations such as this one over the past few days. In my daily life I regularly interact with Christians. From the woman who leads the exercise class

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What is part of Scripture and what isn’t?

I heard you quote something (on the Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show) from The Complete Works of Josephus but then it seemed like you were saying he was a rebel or something like that. So are his writing creditable? And one last things that bugs me…the Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha books (like The First

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Technology and Kids: Part One -The Video Game Fortnite: How Scary Is It?

This is the  refrain that often goes through my head: “Thank God I’m not raising children today.” Partially, this is because I don’t have the stamina I had in my twenties and thirties and am glad to pass the baton to the next generation. However, it is not after a delightfully exhausting afternoon with my

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Natural Limitations

Here is a Thought Tool quiz: Early in 1845, Henry David Thoreau, along with about twenty of his friends, began a two-and-a-half-year long party in a cabin on the shore of Walden Pond, near Concord Massachusetts.  True or False? In 1971 Ted Kaczynski, his wife, six children, a nanny, a tutor, and three puppies moved

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Fasts and Feasts

This past Tuesday was a fast day in the Jewish calendar, a fact that probably never came across your radar screen. Truthfully, even most Jews were unaware of it, as only the relatively small percentage of Jews who observe their faith as their ancestors did make note of the day.  While there are two major

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Did You See This?

We take all negative news about President Trump with a shovelful of salt. Not only is much of it spawned by malice, but any outlet that ignores anything positive yet highlights anything negative (and did exactly the opposite with a previous president) doesn’t deserve recognition. Here is a link to a party that the President

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Fire, Frauds and Feminists

Ready for a quiz?   Is the following news report true or false?   A famous explorer just returned from his latest expedition with shocking news.  He has located a remote and isolated island culture that generates electricity using the heat from nuclear reactors.  What astounded him was that these islanders who had mastered nuclear

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Hide and Seek

I have written quite a bit lately about the children’s books I’ve been reading, appalled at how much of an agenda they contain. An article by Dave Seminera in the December 16, 2018 Wall Street Journal reminded me of another point. I don’t know who chose the title for his opinion piece, but it is

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