August 2017

How far does the 5th Commandment go?

Does the 5th commandment also apply to relatives who had a major role in my life? I am very new to the Jewish teachings. Pastor Larry Huch talked about you and said you were good friends so I looked you up on the internet and have been listening to you since. In all my 13 […]

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Frankly Electrifying

One of the great delights of sharing life with my wife is her voracious reading appetite.  She tells me about some books, she summarizes others and occasionally recommends one for me to read.  This she did recently with Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley in the early 19th century. In her introduction, Shelley contemplates the ‘nature

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The Bluest Skies

The bluest skies – are not – in Seattle, amazingly enough. We landed here last night and there is a smoky haze obscuring the sky and much else due to fires in British Columbia. Years of experience tell us that the skies are still blue and the water is still actually glistening. It’s just obscured

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Years of Our Discontent

It is funny what sticks in your mind, isn’t it? Over 25 years ago, I heard my father-in-law ask in a tone that managed to be both amused and acerbic, why people couldn’t simply serve roast chicken every Friday night. At the time, my sympathies went to the woman who had innocently asked him whether

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Too Many Gifts?

A small coffee shop recently opened in my town and I visit them every day for coffee and sometimes a pastry. Because I enjoy the food and I appreciate being able to have a friendly conversation with the owner, and occasionally get a free refill on coffee, I like to leave a tip in the

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