Month: January 2017

For Yoruba, press 6

We were living in Washington State at a time when popular culture decided that loggers were one of the greatest threats to society. Good men lost good jobs as media and politicians treated them with disdain. Exhibit number 3,295 in why I think our government is out of control recently came in the mail. I …

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My mother is a hard-core Leftist? How can I respect her?

Question: My mother is a hardcore leftist. She views government as a savior. I am completely on the other side- I am a conservative.  We always crash, argue and go weeks without speaking. (This is WITHOUT talking politics!)   I understand about Honoring thy Mother and Father- but it seems impossible to build anything with …

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Grounded with the B52 Bomber

In January 1991, during “Desert Storm,” a group of American B52 Stratofortress bombers flew to Iraq, bombed their targets, and returned safely home after 35 non-stop hours airborne.  In September 1996, the same type of bomber destroyed Baghdad’s power stations as part of “Desert Strike”. The enormous eight-engine bomber was again used in Yugoslavia in …

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Time for a Mirror?

I’m having trouble understanding how people who have spent fifty years advocating for vulgarity in our culture can profess shock at vulgar comments by a presidential candidate and then protest his inauguration by spouting vulgarities. At a certain point, doesn’t hypocrisy have to smack you in the face? 0

Mr. Trump’s Low Approval Ratings

I’ve often received poor approval ratings. There were the times I insisted that my children write thank you notes before birthday presents were enjoyed. That certainly wasn’t a popular demand. Then there were the times that I joined my husband in his alliances with Christian leaders, years before the Jewish community recognized what an important …

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How do I learn Kabbalah?

Question: I am studying kabbalah.  Last year my kabbalah mentor suggested I buy the Zohar book at close to $400 which I couldn’t afford.  Now, it is selling for $72. They say it is translated in English.  My question is if it will have the same effect of spiritual benefits if it is not in its original language.  Will I be spending my money for nothing.  Thank you! John R. …

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Push Me, Push You

It’s always a bad idea when I spurn Susan Lapin’s advice.  No good has ever come of it.  In fact, I must confess to more than one painful memory of the consequences of doing so.  Nonetheless, here goes.  Susan says, “Go light on science topics; it won’t interest women as much as it interests men.” …

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May Seem Simple But Riding An Elevator Up a Skyscraper Is No Circus

Well, Barnum and Bailey Circus is shutting down. Everything has its day. Opera and theater used to be for everyone. Now they are kept alive by elite life support. But the end of the circus is a little sad for anyone who remembers the sheer magic of being taken to the big top as a …

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