Year: 2016

Teenage Thief

Question:  For 10 months I have employed a 13 year old boy to do yard work.  He is very bright, borrows my books which we discuss off work time.  Unfortunately it has just been confirmed that over time when he uses the bathroom he has been stealing from me.  When I started to suspect I …

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Transmission Chain

A few days ago, we observed the 25th anniversary of the passing of my revered father, Rabbi A. H. Lapin, senior rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of South Africa, chief rabbi of the Gardens Synagogue founded in Cape Town in 1841, and founding rabbi of Congregation Am Echad, San Jose, California. But to me, …

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Work So You Can Work

You do it.  I do it.  We all do it. We find ways to avoid doing those tasks in our lives that will really make a difference.  They might be unpleasant, hard, boring, perhaps even frightening.  Often, they are the very ones we have to identify and tackle. There’s the aspiring sales professional who does …

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Murder in Tennessee

I was heartbroken, as indeed every decent person should be, at the murder of six Tennessee schoolchildren last week. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of heartbreaking news and this quickly disappeared off the national news headlines. This specific incident, though, haunted me. I was also angered at how little attention it received. Here are the …

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Little Book of Definitions (I’m sure you have more!)

FAIR —   Allowing a significant proportion of the population to live off money earned by other people GREED—Wanting to keep my own money that I earned and use it as I choose COMPASSION—Politicians confiscating my money and giving it to chosen recipients in exchange for votes CHARITY—Me giving as much of my money as …

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In Front of the Eight Ball

“Rabbi Lapin, please stop talking and writing about money; all you’re doing is perpetuating anti-Semitic stereotypes!”  This was the phone call I received a while ago from the head of one of the Jewish organizations concerned with anti-Semitism.  Knowing it was futile, I still recommended that he worry more about Moslems than about me. “Rabbi …

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