Month: November 2016

Boos in Boston

I think it would be pretty easy for most of us to make a list of ten things that all decent Americans agree on. We might differ on tactics in how to reach a goal, but there aren’t many people who would suggest that ending child abuse or improving education is a bad idea. I feel …

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One Day Isn’t Enough

Veterans Day shouldn’t be THE day on which we honor those who sacrifice for our country, something we now put away until next Nov. 11th. It should serve as a reminder that each and every day our rights exist only because some citizens accept the obligation of defending them.

A New Chance

Thousands of words are being written about Donald Trump’s victory, but I feel compelled to add my own. I am immensely proud that this election reinforced a proper American rejection of corruption, demanding that our country recommit to the principle that no one is above the law. It upheld the idea that the IRS, Justice …

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Is a Vegetarian Diet Kosher?

Question: Are vegetarian/vegan diets considered kosher? Do many Jews follow vegetarian diets? Thanks in advance! Brian Answer:  Dear Brian, There is both a practical and philosophical answer to your question. Many of the laws of keeping kosher relate to the source of the food as well as the separation between meat and milk products. All …

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