July 2016

Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Party

This past Monday, I finished writing the first part of a Musing about the dilemma of the pro-life movement in dealing with Donald Trump. I am shelving it for the moment, because I must comment on this week’s Democrat convention, which is not going exactly according to plan. (I’m writing this Tuesday morning.) The convention […]

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Why do only men go up to Jerusalem?

Question: Why would only men go up to Jerusalem? – Nancy B. Answer: Dear Nancy, You are referring to the obligation of Jewish men to go up to Jerusalem on the three major holidays; Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. (Exodus 23:17, Deut. 16:16) As you can see from the opening of the book of Samuel, women often

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Losing Respect for Some Trump Foes

I get it. I really understand why Ted Cruz doesn’t want to endorse Trump. Donald Trump didn’t simply defeat him; he insulted and demeaned him and his family with crudeness, gutter language and lies. I understand why other politicians don’t want to endorse Trump. The nominee has given no reason for people to trust him

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Do I Have to Stop Making Money?

Question: This is a complex ethical question, at least for me. An acquaintance introduced me to an internet marketing business which offered ad-sharing that returned $5 for every share purchased once the share retired. When I bought a lot of packs and received 2% per day ($10,000 investment) it adds up and I reinvested every

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Small Big Business – the American Way

Americans seem to have a strange relationship with business. We extol Mom and Pop stores, love stories of individuals who have an idea and turn it into a reality and treasure the idea of entrepreneurship. However, when an enterprise gets too successful, we decry it as we patronize it. Starbucks is successful because people get

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Who’s the “us” in “Let us make man”?

Question: In Genesis God declares, “Let Us make man in Our Own Image.” Who is the Us? ∼ Ted M., MD Answer: Dear Ted, The phrase, “Let us make man…” is the subject of volumes of ancient Jewish wisdom. So troubling is it on the surface, that when Jewish sages were forced to translate the

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My Not-So-Secret Ballot

A few years ago, one of our neighbors was visited by her elderly mother. When this ‘Southern to the tip of her toes’ mother and I met one day at the mailboxes on the street, she expressed great indignation at a phone call she had just received. “This man wanted to know which presidential candidate

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How to respect an alcoholic father?

Question: What do I teach my boys, age 15 and 10, about respecting their alcoholic, angry father? We divorced 2 years ago because life was so unbearable, but they still see him every other weekend. ∼ Wendy W. Answer: Dear Wendy, It sounds like have had a tough few years and we pray that you have

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No Work This Monday

Got a project that you’re proud of at work? Better hurry up and get it done because all work is soon coming to an end. Machines are taking over; it’s the end of work. Some greet the news with dismay, What will people do with all that leisure? Others eagerly anticipate a world of all

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Friends Don’t Let Friend Vote…how?

This election cycle has already moved out-of-the-box so many times, that there actually is no longer any box to be seen. I’m not going to enumerate the plethora of examples in both the Republican and Democrat race. Unless you not only have your head in the sand but you are also wearing a blindfold and

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