February 2016

Choose Laughter

“Sickle Your Funny Bone,” was the title of a joke book that circulated among downtrodden Jews in the now-defunct Soviet Union. When times are tough laughter beats bitterness, anger, sullenness or depression as a response that leaves you ready to rejoin life when circumstances improve.  Since our matriarch, Sarah, laughed upon hearing the news that […]

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What’s up with gender?

Question: I’ve noticed a change in your writings. Why do you now use the word gender instead of sex? ∼ Kristal M. Answer: Dear Kristal, What an astute observation. We’re a bit humbled that you are paying such close attention to our words. The answer to your question is simple, but the implications are not.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Bernie Sanders (with whom I’d much rather spend an evening with than Hillary Clinton) is almost comical in his sputtering fury against “Wall Street.”  When he panders to students, it’s “Wall Street” that imposes draconian interest rates upon their loans.  When he panders to groups based on skin color, it’s again “Wall Street” that causes

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A Few Pictures

Thank you for your prayers, blessings and good wishes. I am remembering what nighttime feedings are like, but more importantly, I’m remembering newborn deliciousness. I hope to be back writing Musings next week. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our latest blessing. Also, please enjoy a special price on our Ancient Jewish

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Why are you hiding your marriage?

Question: I think I have heard that Daniel and Susan are married. She wears at least an engagement ring but Daniel has no ring nor a mark of wearing a ring. What is the story behind this? ∼ Steph B. Answer: Dear Steph,

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Republicans-0; Democrats-0; Baby Declared Winner

Like all of us, I juggle many hats. On rare occasions, bright lights on one hat start flashing so that it is the only one visible. That happened to me last week when my husband and I were woken up at 5:30 a.m. by a hospital nurse telling us that they were wheeling our daughter

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Why should I work when the world is crumbling?

Question: Listening to you is one of the best things I did last year. You have introduced me to the issues of physical life along with spiritual life and how they go hand in hand. I battle with discouragement due to the bleak future of the economy and nation. Can you offer some encouragement?  I

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Tis the Season for Much Folly

Arrgghhh! Months and months of political advertising still ahead. It’s bad enough that the fate of a once-great nation should be determined by how much money politicians spend on television advertising. It’s even worse when one torments oneself masochistically by actually watching some of the ads.  How sad to suspect that some of our fellow

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