January 2016

Inside Outside (The Election – Not the Movie)

  A concept in ancient Jewish wisdom speaks positively of one whose, “tocho k’varo;” whose inside reflects his outside demeanor. This motto reflects reality. In general, people tend to put on a pleasant, sometimes false, face to the world. Leaving aside extreme examples such as the mass murderer who is the neighborhood Boy Scout leader […]

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Should our son be in the family business?

Question: As the mother of a son and daughter, I greatly enjoyed your podcast of 8/22/15, in which you discussed father-son businesses. My son is currently employed in my husband’s law firm. My son’s background has not been stellar. He flunked out of the first year of a 3rd tier law school and had to

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No Skill Needed

A year ago, I converted to Mac. Even the language of ‘converting’ implies that this type of change involves more angst than switching detergents. Over the course of learning to use my new computer, I spent a fair bit of time at the Apple store as well as exchanging numerous phone calls with Apple support.

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Should we use plastic bottles?

Question: My daughter is off to college and came home talking about how plastic water bottles, when left out in the sun (like, she said so many markets do) causes the plastic to release cancer causing chemicals. Her answer to this was more stringent regulation against super markets. How would you answered her question on

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The windmills of your mind

You’ll remember how, as children, we sent what we fondly believed to be securely encrypted messages to our friends. The trick was using numbers or symbols in place of letters. Thus, “Dear Joe nice to have seen you yesterday. Are you getting a present for Anne?” could be written something like this: “23 11 4

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Make Meetings Matter

In early January we tend to focus on the future. Yet, while New Year’s resolutions are not about reexamining last year’s failures, it is important to remember that there is no moving forward if we fail to integrate our past realities with our future plans. Our past realities shouldn’t haunt us and hinder us. But

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Zipper Fashion

  This past weekend, my husband and I had the pleasure of hosting long-time friends who came to our neighborhood to meet the parents of their soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Sharon and I have been friends since first grade, while my husband and David’s close relationship goes back to 1978. The sensitive among you will refrain from

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Why are Jews so liberal?

Question: Rabbi, my wife and I have been enjoying your Blaze podcasts, and have bought some of your products. Thank you and Susan both for the high quality of the content. My question is about Jews and liberalism. You are obviously an independent thinker, and appear to hold conservative values. How is it that most

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Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

Have you ever found yourself pursuing a self-destructive course of action as if propelled by some invisible malignant force? Maybe it was an out of control shopping spree you could ill afford. Or perhaps you lost your temper with a child, threatening draconian penalties that you could never enforce. What of the business professional focused

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DINOs (Democrats in Name Only)

We’ve all read a great deal about RINOs. Whether the term is always accurately or judiciously applied, the acronym for Republicans in Name Only has become an oft-used one. Yet, I have never heard of DINOs, though I have met many of them in the past year.  Who are the Democrats in Name Only whose

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