August 2015

Phoneless in Seattle

Actually, I became phone-less in Anacortes, WA. We were at the fuel dock, refilling the boat’s tank with diesel as the last step of our amazing family boating holiday. I saw the fuel dock attendant tie down our stern line and move into position to grab our bow line. Although a gusty wind was blowing […]

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Our daughter won’t listen to Dave Ramsey

Question: We are Jewish. I’ve heard you endorse Dave Ramsey and vice versa. His methods have helped me greatly. However, my 34 year old daughter is at a financial crossroads and desperately needs help. When I suggested that she take a FPU course or at least listen to him or read his book, she says,

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Never Marry That Boy

Why do so many women make such bad mistakes about men? Some date purposelessly, often wasting far too much time on a man who will never marry them.  They devote themselves endlessly to men who as boyfriends make them miserable, and who as husbands would make them even unhappier.  Ever confident of their ability to

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Revisionist Heroism

Revisionist history makes us feel good. This is true on a national level as Vladimir Putin is doing with Russian history books by scrubbing Stalin’s flaws along with crimes of the USSR. It happens in America when liberals pat themselves on the back, painting conservative leaders as bumbling or evil in school textbooks—or ignoring them

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Should I lie on my resume to get a job?

Question: Is it a sin to write about false experience on my resume? If I get an interview for a job then lie about the experience that I had because they always want experience and I know I can do the work if only they gave me a chance, would talking about the job experience

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The Law of Leadership

Pete was promoted to a new position of authority over the department of which he was previously a part.  He was concerned that his former team members would fail to recognize his new role.  He asked me if there were any lessons in ancient Jewish wisdom about gaining and retaining the respect of others.  I

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Planned Parenthood: See No Evil

I have not watched the Planned Parenthood videos for the same reason that I do not watch videos of ISIS beheading its victims. It is the same reason that I limit viewing documentaries about the Holocaust.  There are certain images that I do not want seared into my brain. However, not watching the videos doesn’t

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Should we speak out?

Question: A friend and her unmarried daughter just named the new born baby ‘Delilah’. We believe that names are important and this namesake is a strange pick. My wife asked me whether she should say anything to this Bible-believing Grandma. Do you have an opinion about this? ∼ Mark Answer: Dear Mark, We certainly do

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