Month: May 2015

Take It or Leave It

When you’ve applied for a job and receive an offer for the position you want, do you say, “Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you,” or do you start negotiating for better terms? Your answer might depend on whether you are male or female. Men tend to bargain and usually end …

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You could say that landlubbers and boaters don’t talk the same language.  One says ‘rope’ while the other says ‘line’.  One says ‘bow’ and ‘stern’ while the other says ‘front’ and ‘rear’.  But both surely agree on basics; boats float and planes fly, water is wet and the wind can move things.  You could say …

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Act; Don’t ReAct

From one of my favorite animal books, the astoundingly illustrated book, Journey to the Ants, I learned an important principle of how the world really works.  “If an animal is beautifully colored and acts with relative indifference to your presence it is probably poisonous or well armored.” An example of this principle is the South …

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Onward Christian Soldiers

Each year, churches across America send adults and teenagers on mission trips. These dedicated people head off to Africa, S. America and Asia, building and working in orphanages, providing medical and dental care and supplying huge doses of Christian love along with their services.   My husband and I have some wonderful friends who have gone …

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