Month: April 2015

Hey Good Looking

I enjoy British and European movies because they frequently feature real-looking stars.  The actors in those foreign films often resemble the sort of people you might see in an airport or bus station whereas most Hollywood entertainment seems to star only humans of indescribable beauty and rare good looks.  I enjoy looking at beautiful people …

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Choice or Consequence?

  More than 6,000 people attended 90 year old Winston Churchill’s funeral. More than 400 people attended 92 year old Chaya Gretman’s funeral. Both these lives were irrevocably altered by the Nazis, and the homage paid to them at death directly reflected this fact.  Who was Chaya Gretman?* Most of the Israelis who escorted her …

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Saving Civilization

It’s hardly surprising that increasing numbers of women loathe men and detest masculinity.  After all, most of their experiences with men have been only with cads, scoundrels, rogues and rakes.  They have been exploited by clowns, abused by creeps, corrupted by crooks and debased by cranks.  Only a diminishing minority of women have enjoyed the …

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Time for Shouting

In Oslo, a few weeks ago, a group of Moslems made a ring of protection around a synagogue. When Islamic terrorists attacked a kosher grocery in Paris resulting in a number of deaths, a Moslem worker, Lassana Bathily, herded some of the Jewish customers into the store’s freezer, saving their lives. In doing so, he …

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