Month: March 2015

Change Jobs – Become a Futurist

In case you are contemplating a career change, I want to suggest becoming a ‘futurist’ (i.e. a secular prophet).  It is not as hard as it may seem.  You boldly announce provocative predictions.  If they subsequently come to pass, you triumphantly proclaim your prescience.  If they don’t, you make new predictions. Consider one of the …

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Amazon, Apple, and DNA

Internet giant, Amazon, is famous for its frugality. This means cheap desks cobbled together from wooden doors and scraps of lumber. It also means main cabin air travel, even for senior executives, on long flights.  This corporate parsimony didn’t suddenly appear from nowhere.  Although he was already a senior vice president at a successful hedge …

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Unexceptionally Wonderful

Did you read about the fraternity members who spent the day taking physically handicapped children to an amusement park? I didn’t either. But we both read about the fraternity members (subsequently expelled) who chanted racist comments at the University of Oklahoma. I don’t even know that the first event I mentioned happened, but I’m willing to bet …

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Should religious people steer clear of politics?

Question: Should religious people be involved in politics? Isn’t it better to stay above activities that are so sordid and filled with corruption? ∼ Mitch R. Answer: Dear Mitch, Ancient Jewish wisdom puts a lot of emphasis on the damage we can do with our ability to speak. We can hurt people badly, destroy livelihoods, …

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Seeking Esther

Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is being analyzed by friends and foes of his, by friends and foes of Israel, by Israelis who care both about the threat of Iran and their own upcoming elections and by Jews and non-Jews around the world. Did it help Israel/America/the world or did it hurt? I’ll leave political …

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