Month: October 2014

MAAN-UP (Mothers Against anti-American, Naive and Useless Politicians)

“Don’t pick up other people’s candy from the dirt,” “Look both ways before you cross the street,” “Wear your seat belt while driving.” Like millions of other mothers, the messages I spoke changed as my children grew, but the concept was the same. I want you to be safe. I still want my children to …

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Mountains and Molecules

My children constantly fascinate me when we hike in breathtakingly beautiful British Columbia during the summer. Some of them visibly thrill to the vast vistas and magnificent landscapes revealed as we crest a hill.  Others seem oblivious to the large scale spectacles but will stoop to pick up a pebble which can absorb their attention …

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Chatter is Cheap

In social settings, one sometimes hears people babbling about the marvelous things that they are going to do.  In the business environment, it is even more unsettling to hear an entrepreneur making public pronouncements of forthcoming achievements.  Anyone with even the most basic understanding of how the world REALLY works knows that saying a lot …

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Humble Hombres

I mean no disrespect to males.  Really. I am one myself.  But as the father of six daughters, my instincts lean towards protecting females.  Girls are far more emotionally vulnerable than guys.  Guys must learn to take it on the chin.  So, just as long as you know this is not anti-male, we can proceed. …

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A TV Ad You Can Love

In the spirit of fairness, and to refute allegations of ageism against me, I want to share a Republican candidate’s ad that I love. I do believe that there are certain Republicans who should never be spokesmen for the party, e.g., John McCain and John Boehner. Before they open their mouths, and too frequently, after …

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And the Darwina Award Goes To…(+a rebuttal to Sept. 18th’s Musing)

The Darwin awards, given posthumously to those who inadvertently take their own lives in some stupidly reckless stunt and thereby “protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice…” are overwhelmingly awarded to males.  Nominees outdo one another in ridiculously foolish and fatal acts. The mugger who tried to elude his police pursuers by  jumping …

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