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Hold the Disney Princesses, Please

October 30th, 2014 Posted by Susan's Musings 11 comments

Finding birthday presents for children under six should not be difficult. Both of the children for whom I’m seeking gifts are blessedly unspoiled by electronic addictions or parents who think that their children need every new toy on the market. Still, even though a box of crayons would be appreciated, I was hoping to find something slightly more exciting.

I started my search with a modest budget in mind. After some internet browsing and physically visiting four stores, my list of requirements grew exponentially. I discovered that I had more prerequisites; in fact, I am a very fussy shopper.

I am open to crafts, books, games, puzzles and construction toys. I would be delighted with a gift that stretches the imagination, improves fine motor skills and that can hold a child’s interest beyond five minutes. If the toy is sturdy enough to withstand use, that would be a plus.

However, I found out that I am not keen on expanding the Disney franchise or requiring hours of TV watching so that the character on which the toy is based means something. I do not like toys that beep, hum, or burst into music. If my grandchild wants a cow to moo, he or she can say ‘moo’ himself or herself. If a budding sense of humor suggests that a cow says ‘neigh,’ I don’t want to preclude that possibility. I abhor toys whose main function is to teach gender neutrality. Who knew I was so demanding?

It turns out the good old-fashioned toys do not come with retro prices. A piece of junk with embedded electronics that would have wowed Albert Einstein costs less than a sturdy wooden building set. A pre-political-correctness children’s book commands a high price.

My carrots don’t have to be grown locally, my clothing don’t have to be 100% organic and my phone doesn’t need to be the latest model. Is it too much to ask for reasonably priced toys that expand skills and develop the imagination?

This won’t work for a four-year-old,
but it makes a great present for someone older – and it’s on sale right now!

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

October 28th, 2014 Posted by Thought Tools No Comment yet

It’s hard being an entrepreneur and making a success of a start-up business.  You have to do everything yourself.  Keep the books.  See an important customer.  Talk to a supplier in a different time zone.  Decide on the look of a webpage.  And I haven’t even begun a detailed list. It is easy to become overwhelmed.

It’s just as hard being a mother effectively raising a boisterous family.  Running a home is very similar to running a small business.  There are chores to be done and errands to run.  You’re in charge of your children’s education (yes, even if they attend school, the buck stops with you not their teacher). You’re in charge of your family’s health and general welfare.  There is inventory to maintain. (What! No more Sunny Snaps cereal?) There are clothes, toys and appliances to look after or replace.  And this is not close to the complete list. It’s hard to know what to tackle when.

Success is achieved when both entrepreneur and mom manage to replace chaos with order.  Sanity is retained when instead of futilely flailing around we institute organization and structure.  The enemy is randomness and happenstance.

Viewing the world in which we live as random and haphazard is equally unhelpful.  God cautions us not to relate to Him in a casual and mindless fashion.

And if you will … walk casually [KeRi] with me, then I will walk casually [KeRi] with you also in fury…
(Leviticus 26:27-28)

(For more insight to these verses please revisit Thought Tools Volume 5 Issue 8, Cancel Cruise Control.)

The root of the Hebrew word for casual and haphazard conduct is K-R.

For instance, the main two Biblical villains who adhere to a random worldview are the prophet Bilam and King Balak. Together they conspire to curse Israel.  Here are four mentions of the K-R word for random happening that appear in their story.

…perhaps God will happen by me…
(Numbers 23:3)

So God happened by Bilam…
(Numbers 23:4)    

…and I might happen to encounter the Lord over there…
(Numbers 23:15)    

And the Lord happened to appear to Bilam…
(Numbers 23:16)

As always, in Hebrew whenever one Hebrew word appears to possess two meanings, we can be sure the two meanings are closely related.

The Hebrew root K-R not only means random, it also means cold and ice.

He casts forth his ice like morsels, who can stand before his cold?
(Psalms 147:17)

randomness & disorder  =   KR  =  cold & ice

It follows that ancient Jewish wisdom is telling us that randomness and disorder are closely connected to cold and ice.

Modern physics uses the word entropy to describe the extent of randomness and chaos.  Entropy and its relationship to cold and ice only began to be fully understood through thermodynamics in the 19th century (Boltzmann 1877) and through statistics in the 20th century (Shannon 1948). Clearly chaos and coldness are closely connected in terms of entropy generation; a fact which 3,000 years ago, was known only to God.   This is one of many reasons that I call Hebrew the Lord’s language.

Oddly enough, in English we might say to the harried mom and overwhelmed business professional, “Your enemy is chaos and disorder, stay cool!”  Categorize your tasks under various headings that might correspond to the job description of employees, were you to be hiring them.  For example, accounting, sales, maintenance, inventory, and so on.  That way, you can put on the appropriate hat and tackle only the tasks in that category before changing hats and moving into another ‘department’. Stay cool, whether you’re a mom or a business professional, the lives of many depend upon you.

Hebrew contains mysterious and thrilling revelations about how the world REALLY works. Our book, Buried Treasure: Secrets for Living from the Lord’s Language goes into almost three dozen of these words in depth. It provides practical guidance and ‘aha’ moments both for those who can’t read a Hebrew letter and for those who are fluent in the language. Let God talk to you in His own words.



MAAN-UP (Mothers Against anti-American, Naive and Useless Politicians)

October 21st, 2014 Posted by Susan's Musings 12 comments

“Don’t pick up other people’s candy from the dirt,” “Look both ways before you cross the street,” “Wear your seat belt while driving.” Like millions of other mothers, the messages I spoke changed as my children grew, but the concept was the same. I want you to be safe.

I still want my children to be safe, which, especially for two of them right now, puts me at odds with President Obama. Our son is an emergency room doctor; one of our daughters is a nurse. Neither of them will heed me if I ask them to stay away from patients with fever who are vomiting.

My powers of persuasion are limited. I can no longer confine them to their rooms, limit their allowance or send them to bed early. Truthfully, they are both doing what their father and I raised them to do. They are using their talents and time to help others, taking their place as productive members of the community. We are proud of them.

This leaves us disgusted with an American president who places no value on their lives. It compounds a disgust we have long felt at his lack of care for those troops whose Commander in Chief he is.  The media who adulated him, the Democrat Party and those who voted for him certainly share blame. Republican politicians who think that holding hearings is a sufficient response are failing us as well. In the final analysis, though, the buck stops with the president.

I don’t know what his motivation is. Is he anti-American, naïve or incompetent? I don’t know into which category those who make excuses for him or refuse loudly to condemn him fall. I do know that my children and the children of all American citizens are being treated as unimportant political pawns.  In 1980, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was founded by Candy Lightner after her thirteen-year-old daughter was killed by someone who already had been arrested for a DUI. The group helped cause a culture shift making drunk driving less socially excusable. Is it time for MAAN-UP (Mothers Against anti -American, Naïve and Useless Politicians) to mobilize?

I recently reviewed our audio CD, Tower of Power: Decoding the Secrets of Babel. I was amazed how much it explained about the Obama administration and the left-wing in America.

Truly “there is nothing new under the sun.” Do you also see the similarities?



Mountains and Molecules

October 21st, 2014 Posted by Thought Tools No Comment yet

My children constantly fascinate me when we hike in breathtakingly beautiful British Columbia during the summer. Some of them visibly thrill to the vast vistas and magnificent landscapes revealed as we crest a hill.  Others seem oblivious to the large scale spectacles but will stoop to pick up a pebble which can absorb their attention for twenty minutes.  Similarly when boating, one child gazes endlessly at the wave pattern stretching to the horizon.  Meanwhile, her sister lies on her tummy on the edge of a dock peering down at a school of tiny fish darting around as if being signaled by an invisible choreographer.

We learn much from the patterns of larger arrangements such as the earth’s upheavals that created the mountain ranges and the erosive forces that carved majestic canyons.  However it is just as important to understand the microscopic forces that help atoms to form molecules and the characteristics that shape those tiny molecules into complex substances.

Just as understanding both the macro of mountains and the micro of molecules helps us relate to physical reality, so understanding both the macro and the micro of the letters, words, and texts of the Bible helps us relate to spiritual reality.

Whenever we probe the inner meaning conveyed by a word or letter in the Lord’s language as we often do here in Thought Tools, we are exploring the micro.  However, when we examine patterns that reoccur in different parts of Scripture we are allowing the macro to reveal its secrets.

Let’s wrap our souls around four famous parallels linking God’s Garden of Eden with the desert Tabernacle and its successor, the Jerusalem Temple, both constructed by humans.

1.   God walks in both the Garden of Eden and the Tabernacle.

And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden…
(Genesis 3:8)

And I will set my tabernacle among you…And I will walk among you…
(Leviticus 26:11-12)


2.  Water flowed out of the Garden of Eden and also out of the Temple.

And a river went out from Eden…
(Genesis 2:10)

…and a fountain shall issue from the house of the Lord…
(Joel 4:18)


3.   Cherubs appear in both places to guard and protect.

…and he placed cherubs at the east of the garden of Eden…to guard the way to the tree of life.
(Genesis 3:24)

And the cherubs shall stretch out their wings on high to cover the covering with their wings…
(Exodus 25:20)


4. Special garments [ketonet] are required in both places

For Adam and for his wife the Lord God made leather coats [ketonet]…
(Genesis 3:21)

And these are the garments which they shall make…an embroidered coat [ketonet]
(Exodus 28:4)

Recounting the four parallels, we see:

1   God walks in His garden and in the places we create.
2   Water flows out of His garden and out of the places we create.
3   Spiritual forces protect the way to the Tree of Life and to the Tablets of the Covenant.
4   God made clothing for humans in His garden; we emulate Him in our holy places.

Today, in our current conditions, we are obviously unable to locate the Garden of Eden let alone enter it.  However, God did provide us with blueprints to create our own substitute.  Moses and the Israelites used them to build the Tabernacle and later Solomon used them to create the Temple.

As long as we recognize that both the Tabernacle and the Temple were human replicas of the Garden of Eden, we too become capable of erecting our very own Garden of Eden substitutes right in our own homes.  We merely need note the four parallels.

One, our homes must be places where God walks and we walk with Him.  We don’t sit with Him or stand with Him, we walk with Him.  Meaning we and our families are on the move; we are never in exactly the same (spiritual) place.

Second, water, (associated with spiritual sustenance in Torah nomenclature) must flow out of our homes.  By regularly inviting guests to share our meals and participate in the uplifting conversation that suffuses our dining tables we encourage our ideas to flow and spread.

Third, we must ensure that spiritual forces are in place to protect our most cherished attributes, namely our faith and our families.  With the same enthusiasm that we invite the right people to enter, enjoy and contribute to the atmosphere of our homes, we must also keep out those people and influences that could harm it.

Fourth, and finally we must always, even in the privacy of our home, clothe ourselves in the garments of human dignity. Clothing is holy because God bestowed it upon His children as a way of distinguishing us from the animal kingdom.  Almost all of us look better clothed than naked and for all of us, being clothed protects our sense of self.  This is why the first thing Nazi concentration camps did to Jews upon their arrival was strip them naked.

It is all too easy to figuratively ‘let ourselves go’ when we’re at home.  It is so tempting to slide into poor behavior, abysmal manners, inadequate clothing and other unwholesome self-indulgences when we’re in our own homes.  In reality, in order to build our own Garden of Eden we need to resist these allures.

It is never too late to turn our own home into a Garden of Eden, a Tabernacle, or a Temple.  The rewards are incalculable and more than worth the effort it takes.  Keep both the mountain and the molecule in mind.  The former is the larger vision for the kind of home you’d like to live in while the latter is the list of four details we have covered here.

Grasping the incredible patterns that God placed in Scripture brings bountiful blessing. These patterns affect our lives to this day. Listen to Tower of Power: Decoding the Secrets of Babel and hear how ancient Jewish wisdom reveals human tendencies and weaknesses that shed light on current events, amazingly, even including the administration’s response to Ebola.

 Tower of Power:

Decoding the Secrets of Babel



Chatter is Cheap

October 14th, 2014 Posted by Thought Tools No Comment yet

In social settings, one sometimes hears people babbling about the marvelous things that they are going to do.  In the business environment, it is even more unsettling to hear an entrepreneur making public pronouncements of forthcoming achievements.  Anyone with even the most basic understanding of how the world REALLY works knows that saying a lot in advance of actually doing anything is a bad sign.

Ancient Jewish wisdom warns against promising much and delivering little or nothing.  This is described in the account of Abraham who wants to acquire a burial place for his beloved wife, Sarah, from the landowner, Ephron the Hittite,.

Abraham offers to buy the cave of Machpelah for its appropriate monetary value. (Genesis 23:9)

Ephron responds by magnanimously assuring Abraham that he can have it for free. (Genesis 23:10-11)

Yet as the conversation progresses (Genesis 23:15-16), Ephron insists on 400 pieces of silver, which Abraham promptly pays.  According to the Code of Hammurabi (from approximately the same period), the average annual household income then was five pieces of silver.  Compared to American averages today, Ephron asked the equivalent of $3M-$4M for a field and a cave. His generous talk was just that – talk.

Scripture also offers an example where someone delivers far more than he promises.

Abraham offers water and bread to the three angels, whom he mistakenly assumes to be men.  (Genesis 18:4-5)

However, what he actually brought them was far more lavish: many cakes baked with a large amount of fine flour, a calf, butter, and milk. (Genesis 18:6-8)

Regarding these tales, ancient Jewish wisdom offers a much-quoted aphorism, “Say little and do much.”  It is easy to read this as good proscriptive advice.  Be like Abraham who delivered much more than he promised, and not like Ephron who promised more than he delivered.  However, there is more to this popular saying.

This phrase is not only proscriptive; it is also descriptive.  If you say little, you will end up doing much.  On the other hand, those who do a lot of talking will end up achieving far less than they could.  Why should that be?

Whether you are building a skyscraper or baking a cake, you start by assessing your resources.  Do you have the money, the manpower, the raw material and everything else needed for successful completion of the project?

It is important that none of these resources is wasted.  Each must be put to productive use.  Similarly, in all projects there is also a finite spiritual energy and will with which to get the job done.

One way of wasting and dissipating that will and spiritual energy is to talk about it more than necessary.  By talking less, you will achieve more.

For example if you have just enough gas in your car’s tank to reach your destination, it makes no sense to leave the car idling for ten minutes before you even depart on your journey. You now will have less fuel than you need to reach your target.

Imagine an athlete staying up and socializing the entire night before an important challenge.  He would do better to harness all his resources for the upcoming contest.

Similarly, the act of chattering endlessly about your deepest ambitions is a sure way to have less energy and determination available to achieve those goals. Being productive is difficult enough without needlessly squandering your spiritual resources.

One reliable technique to avoid energy-eroding chatter is making sure you devote regular time to absorbing worthy material.  Think about it.  The chief difference between me today and me yesterday are the ideas I have absorbed.  Our famously popular library pack comprises 19 different books, DVDs and audio/visual resources. It is an absolute treasure trove of ideas.  We are heading into the final holy days of this special month in the Jewish calendar.

LibraryPackage with BSB, April 2014


Humble Hombres

October 7th, 2014 Posted by Thought Tools No Comment yet

I mean no disrespect to males.  Really. I am one myself.  But as the father of six daughters, my instincts lean towards protecting females.  Girls are far more emotionally vulnerable than guys.  Guys must learn to take it on the chin.  So, just as long as you know this is not anti-male, we can proceed.

Young women in the process of meeting potential spouses frequently consult me about a prospective candidate.  This is not due to any inherent skills or prophetic insight.  No, I am privileged to be engaged in this holy work only because ancient Jewish wisdom teaches me the correct questions to ask men and it guides me in interpreting the answers that they provide.

Here, for the benefit of women who don’t have easy access to me are three examples:

Question:  So, what sort of work do you do?
Answer:  Well….
Interpretation:   Any response starting with “well…” means unemployed.

Question:  How close are you to your family?
Answer:  My mother suffers from depression, my dad has always been a workaholic and my sister has issues, so…
Interpretation:  I’m an egotistical and insufferable person.

Question:  How do you feel about God and faith?
Answer:   I’ve always felt that religion was an intensely personal matter…
Interpretation:  I will fake an interest in God to retain your interest in me.

You great girls out there; you get the idea.  Meanwhile, I owe all you loyal readers an explanation of at least one of the timeless Torah truths that inform me in this area.

And the Lord God formed man [ADaM] from the dust of the earth [ADaMa]…
(Genesis 2:7)

This juxtaposition of man [ADaM] and earth [ADaMa] is seen again four chapters later.

And the Lord said, I will destroy man [ADaM]  whom I have created from the face of the earth [ADaMa]…
(Genesis 6:7)

God provides no information about what ingredients went into making the sun and moon or from what He built camels, cows, or kangaroos, but He does specify the material from which He constructed the human being.  It was earth.

This link between human and earth has always been viewed as significant.  For instance, early scholars retained the man-earth link by deriving the word human directly from the Latin word for earth—humus.

Similarly, the Spanish word for man is hombre, again retaining the link to the H-M of humus or earth.  Likewise, if we avoid being high and mighty and we remain down-to-earth we are seen as HuMble.   Bringing someone down towards the earth can be to HuMiliate him and we commit HoMicide when we kill him and put him in the ground.  Of course to take a victim of homicide out of the earth is to exHuMe him.

All this and more flows from the Lord’s language linking human [ADaM] and earth [ADaMa] in the first few chapters of Scripture.

But why should God remind us that we are created from Earth to which we must ultimately return?

The answer can be found in another distinction between the creation of animals and the creation of humans.

 …and He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…
(Genesis 2:7)

To nothing else in creation but Man did the Creator impart His special breath of life.  This breath of God’s spiritual vitality exerts upon us all a subconscious pull towards heaven.  In the same way that a helium balloon soars away and eventually bursts in the stratosphere if not tethered to earth, we humans can also lose touch with reality if not constantly reminded that we are of the earth.

It is certainly a good thing that we are imbued with a pull towards God but it can also be problematic.  This pull can manifest itself in many ways that disconnect us from the reality of making a life for our families and ourselves right here on earth.

Have you heard the expressions “He has his feet on the ground”?  Or, “She’s so down to earth”?  These are seen as good things.  They mean the people involved remember that they are of the earth.

The questions I like to hear answered by men courting women I care about reveal whether or not the candidate is ‘down to earth’ and ‘has his feet on the ground.’  I advise those women who get the wrong answers to run for their lives.

I advise you also to run for your life.  In your case, however, I don’t mean ‘run from’ but ‘run to’.  Run to seize God’s wisdom, His tree of life.

It’s a tree of life to those who lay hold of it
and happy are all who hold fast to it. 

(Proverbs 3:18)

 I’ve collected some of my favorite down to earth lessons from God’s wisdom in my audio CD series The Biblical Blueprint Set, containing five hours of teaching from the vast reservoir of ancient Jewish wisdom.  You’ll want to hear this material again and again before perhaps gifting it to someone else.  It will help you just as it helps me stay exquisitely suspended between heaven and earth. This is how we humble humans should be.  Click here to read about the Biblical Blueprint Set.



A TV Ad You Can Love

October 6th, 2014 Posted by Susan's Musings 2 comments

In the spirit of fairness, and to refute allegations of ageism against me, I want to share a Republican candidate’s ad that I love. I do believe that there are certain Republicans who should never be spokesmen for the party, e.g., John McCain and John Boehner. Before they open their mouths, and too frequently, after they do so, their entire demeanor screams, “I’m an old, out of touch, passé career politician.”

This is not a question of chronological age. It is largely a function of being either out of touch with Americans or thinking that to be “with it” means abandoning conservative principles.  For this reason, and so that you know that I can praise as well as criticize the Republican Party and its elected representatives, I want to share Asa Hutchinson’s campaign commercial. Truthfully, I am not that familiar with his policies, manner of speaking or record. I trust readers in Arkansas to share that information if they like. However, if I was eligible to vote for him and made my decision only from ads—as unfortunately too many Americans do—he would get my vote after viewing this ad.

I love that this commercial turns liberal expectations around. It shows young, attractive, diverse and intelligent women supporting Hutchinson while the frowzy, older woman sticks with her antiquated ideas. I laughed at this ad even though the mother is much closer to my age than the daughter and her friends are. I wanted to associate with the bright, fun, intelligent group rather than with the tired generation of the mother.

The ad reflects a sense of humor and playfulness. It appeals to younger voters without condescending to them. The commercial seems to be the work of a group of young, conservative females. May their numbers increase.

(A shout out to Liz Danziger’s writamins – – for teaching me the difference between i.e. and e.g.)


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And the Darwina Award Goes To…(+a rebuttal to Sept. 18th’s Musing)

October 2nd, 2014 Posted by Susan's Musings No Comment yet

The Darwin awards, given posthumously to those who inadvertently take their own lives in some stupidly reckless stunt and thereby “protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice…” are overwhelmingly awarded to males.  Nominees outdo one another in ridiculously foolish and fatal acts. The mugger who tried to elude his police pursuers by  jumping into a tiger’s cage at the zoo or the fisherman who tried to stun the fish by pulling a live power line down into the lake in which he was standing are only two examples.

What is the female equivalent of the Darwin awards? Male champions generally display impulsiveness, macho posturing and/or egotism (What a great idea! I can’t believe no one has tried this before!). Could it be that women tend to engage less in physically destructive acts but instead compete in the soul-killing realm? Rather than being impulsive females are more likely to destroy their lives one tentative step at a time. Instead of macho posturing, women contort themselves to fit feminist rhetoric.  Instead of over inflated egos, they respond to vanity. Perhaps it is time for the “Darwina awards.”

Two recent articles from The New York Times made me consider this question. Who Runs the Girls by Ashley Mead and Why I Will Be Wed by Elizabeth Wurtzel both portray women as self-destructive. Questioning why attractive women participate in the game of being invited to events and clubs as a means of attracting desirable men to those affairs, whether at frat parties or business rendezvous, Ms. Mead ends on this plaintive note, “When it comes to women, popular culture confuses pleasure and power. Sure, girls may run the world, but men run the girls. And the girls don’t seem to mind all that much.” She recognizes that as she ages the assets that she is trading diminish while those of the men making important contacts at the parties she attends increase.

Ms. Wurtzel is delightedly planning her wedding—at age 47.   While I wish her well, I wouldn’t recommend her as a role model. She dated a string of losers and by her own admission was a loser herself. She concludes:

“I believe that we all know what we are getting into with another person early on, and it is worth it, whatever the duration. A lifelong thing is lovely, but a one-night stand is also lovely. It is my good fortune never to have wed the 374 or so men I dated before Jim. I don’t know how many times I should have registered at Tiffany and celebrated extravagantly for the mistakes I did not make…

So I guess I have nothing to regret, after all.”

Wouldn’t it have been better had she striven for maturity two decades earlier? While she pats herself on the back, I see her article as tragic.

The Darwin awards often revolve around speed, explosives and testosterone.  The Darwina awards I am recommending usually pivot around one thing – men. While the men eliminate themselves from the gene pool by unwittingly killing themselves, the women eliminate themselves from the gene pool by not realizing until too late that the love, affection, attention and respect they crave are best provided through the outdated, old –fashioned milieu of husband and children.

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REBUTTAL to The Eyes (Don’t) Have It

The following letter was sent to me by someone who disagreed with my Musing about not watching videos of the recent beheadings. I thought he made some worthwhile points, though I am not planning to change my own behavior. What do you think?


I too have not watched any videos of the actual beheadings. However, i’m not sure I would advocate not watching them for the general public.

It has been my experience not only on this recent trip to Eastern Europe, but my visits to Yad Vashem and similar holocaust institutions that there is a common behavioral response. The impact of the horrific events are short-lived. Soon after the visits they’ll go out for coffee or lunch and shortly forget the experience. Yes, Auschwitz did seem to carry a bigger impact as one or two people on the trip could not sleep well that night. In general, people just want to put these horrific scenes behind them. They remove these thoughts to a far corner of their minds. I am sure it is for protection.

So, I believe it may be a valuable experience for the majority of the population that really does not pay attention. Many people truly cannot go beyond their own belief system. They cannot believe due to their innocence and Judeo-Christian moral character that such evil exists. They think of the world from their own value system They don’t want to believe the horrors that the Islamic terrorists can inflict and plan to inflict on the world.

I believe many need to see this, internalize it, digest it and then come to accept the realities. Otherwise, it will be difficult or impossible for them to accept the outcomes that America and Israel will need to do to erase this evil.

Look at the progress of the Muslims throughout Europe. They’re beginning to dominate. They are continuing to expand in Europe as well as coming to the US. A recent beheading in Oklahoma, and  a shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Baltimore. All the news outlets do not refer to Islamist doing the beheading in Oklahoma. We are a soft society. I believe we need strong visual Messages to change the societies attitudes and force them to confront the realities of what’s coming to America and Israel. We both know it’s going to get worse. The sooner we except and internalize it, the easier it will be to respond, act & eliminate.

Dr. M.R.




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