August 2014

Boating Lessons

Tod Inlet, British Columbia. The name alone causes me to smile; actually being there makes my heart sing. Two nights at anchorage with kayaking in the early morning and dinghy trips to Butchart Gardens and nearby Brentwood Bay later in the day, engenders more joy than a reasonable person should expect. Along with joy, I […]

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When Life Isn’t Rosy

My husband and my first date took place on a grey, windless, drizzly Sunday. We motored around Marina del Rey on his beloved 37 foot sailboat while the message sent and received was, “This is a test. My boat and I are a package deal.” Shortly after we were engaged, my future husband started giving

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Places I Remember

It’s sometimes difficult to force yourself to do your work, isn’t it?  Perhaps you allow the plague of procrastination to infect your soul.  Maybe you find unproductive ways to persuade yourself that you’re working, even though you’re not doing what really needs to be done.  How do we know what really needs to be done?

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Young Man, Choose Wisely

Any German living under the Nazi regime, who announced that he had Jewish friends, was being politically incorrect.  He was also being shockingly imprudent and probably reckless. Any Russian living under Stalin, who proclaimed his admiration for the American ideal of freedom, was being politically incorrect.  He was also being imprudent and reckless.  Any Moslem

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This Time, A False Alarm

I was sitting in the sanctuary of a local synagogue, surrounded by upwards of 500 women.  It was late afternoon on the ninth of the Hebrew month of Av, the day on which Jews mourn the long line of tragedies that have befallen our people, generation after generation. Most of us had not eaten or

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A Burger, Fries and a Side of Bullets, Please

A few weeks ago, my husband and I spent two days in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he spoke for a financial conference. It was my first time there and I saw little other than the airport, conference center and the road between the two. Nonetheless, what I did see what had character. I didn’t have

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