Month: July 2014

Confidence is to arrogance what self-respect is to self-esteem. The former is the result of achievement; the latter is hollow chest beating. The former inspires; the latter repels. Confidence breeds success while arrogance is a symptom of impending failure. Arrogant people abuse both family members and business associates, yelling at them and belittling them. Confident …

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Turnabout is Fair Play – But Not Allowed

I smiled when I read the Wall Street Journal headline, “When the Female Customer Perplexes the Techie Male CEO.” Without reading a word, I knew that the article would resonate. Invariably, my husband and I are drawn to different types of web sites, packaging and marketing. The standard disclaimer that each individual is unique doesn’t …

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The Real Iron Dome

I was going to explain why I didn’t post a Musing last week, but instead feel the need to spill out some of what is in my heart on a completely different topic. Like many others, I love this drawing. If you haven’t heard of the Iron Dome, it, along with the broad availability of …

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Bones in Israel

The 100 million Moslems surrounding Israel often escalate their oft-stated desire to destroy six million Jews into action.  They dispatch murderers into Jewish neighborhoods, they launch sudden street attacks, and they shoot thousands of missiles into Israel’s population centers.  However, life in Israel continues.  Behold the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. (Psalms 121:4) …

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Choose Life

When a Jewish baby boy is brought into the covenant of Abraham on the eighth day of his life, parents are blessed by those present, “May you merit to bring him to Torah, to the wedding canopy and to good deeds.” On Tuesday, three sets of Israeli parents brought their teenage sons to the cemetery. …

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