Month: May 2014

Did You See?

At least once a week someone recommends that I watch a funny clip of a baby, toddler or child on YouTube. More often than not, the clip has gone viral, garnering tens of thousands of views. Like any mother worth her salt, when my children said brilliant or hilarious comments, I called my mother and …

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Yo Ho, Yo Ho

If your sense of humor parallels mine in the slightest, you won’t be able to get through watching the video below without laughing. It is funny.  What is more, it is funny without any sexual innuendos, blasphemy or objectionable language (though Jon Stewart presenting the video had comments bleeped out). However, it is also troubling. …

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Holier Than Thou

There aren’t many people defending Donald Sterling. It’s something that I find difficult to do as well. From what I’ve read about him, he is not someone I want as a friend or even a neighbor. Leaving aside the racist comments that brought him down, I’m not a fan of those who lace their words …

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Viva La Difference

Walking past a house in drought-stricken California lately, I noticed that the homeowner had replaced his front lawn with artfully arranged colored gravel. White and reddish-brown stones were arranged in a sharply delineated wave shape covering his front yard. Sometime later I happened to be passing the same house and paused again to admire the …

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