Month: April 2014

Et Tu, Jeb

Pity the young women seeking a spouse. She keeps on being introduced to men whom, she is told, are wise, amiable, principled, articulate and trustworthy. At first her interest is piqued, but before long she discovers that one or more of the above traits are a façade; in fact, the men have legs of sand. …

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Conform – Or Else!

A friend recently sent me a clip (link below) from the original Candid Camera series. Four people enter an elevator, three of whom are participants in a planned prank. As the elevator ascends, the three turn and face the back wall. About ten seconds later, they turn again. The hidden camera catches the lone, innocent …

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700 Club Clubbed

The aftermath to my appearance on The 700 Club with my friend Pat Robertson last Monday astounded me.  Like noxious mushrooms after a rain, articles suddenly sprang up condemning Pat for something people thought he said, and condemning me for not condemning him.  Also, I received a bunch of negative communications, almost all of them …

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