January 2014

The Latest, Greatest Destructive Idea

My new friend, Evernote, allows me to electronically clip and save articles. Like the small, dishwasher stick-on that I wrote about in my Duh! Moments Musing (Oct. 12, 2011), Evernote has simplified my life enormously. I am now dealing with entering a backlog of articles that currently exist on yellowing paper in my desk drawer […]

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Well, Meet My Father-in-Law

Having debuted in 2006, Psych is the USA cable network’s longest running original series.  It is set in Santa Barbara but for reasons having to do with production costs and trade unions, the series is filmed in Canada.  The scenery is recognizably coastal British Columbia, which my family and I know well from our summer

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Color Me Independent

House Republicans are officially gathering for a retreat shortly. I completely understand why I haven’t been invited; I find it harder to understand why some of the prominent people who share my views haven’t been. I hope the House Republicans emerge from their meeting ready to explain to the national Party leadership the dangers of

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Passion for the Podium

Has anxiety every prevented you from speaking out at a meeting?  Do you attend family weddings and funerals with a dread of being asked to give a toast or eulogy?  Have you demurred when asked to make introductions at conferences?  Have you stumbled through an incoherent attempt to express appreciation after receiving an award? Have

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Larking About

I once received a frantic phone call from my sister, worrying that something was terribly wrong. She had stopped in at our parents’ home and my mother wasn’t there. That would have been unremarkable, however what worried her was that the sink was full of dishes! Only a crisis, she was sure, would have led

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“He doesn’t treat me with respect,” she complained bitterly.  What exactly does she mean?  Did he fail to rise from his La-Z-Boy recliner when she entered the room?  Did he speak to her brusquely or patronizingly? Without further explanation, it’s difficult to know whether he’s a lout or whether she is excessively demanding. The Hebrew

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Tough and Tougher (but so worth it)

I am cleaning out my closet (again), this time sending lots of homeschooling reading material to my daughters who are in the trenches. With my weakness for the written word, I am skimming through magazines as I pack them. This quote from the January-February, 1994 issue of Home Education Magazine, pops out at me: These

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Religion: Opiate of the Masses?

Maybe religion is not actually the opiate of the masses.  Maybe rejecting belief in a timeless God is really the opiate of the masses. There are many people who answer, ‘yes,’ to the question of God’s existence, but he (not He) is drawn in their image. Whatever they believe in, whether homosexual marriage, redistribution of

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