Month: July 2013

The Strange Case of Bill Maher and Dr. Hyde

In an age of copycat movies and TV shows, perhaps it is time for Bill Maher to update Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Instead of featuring a scientist performing chemical experiments so that his usual intelligent, rational self sometimes morphs into an evil, malevolent being, in his version of the …

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Blessing Basics

At 10am on Sunday morning, August 18, 1991, Salomon Brothers received a terrifying phone call from the United States Treasury.  The famous banking house was henceforth barred from bidding at Treasury auctions because of regulatory violations. This was a death penalty.  The news sped around the world drying up credit.  Salomon Brothers summoned bankruptcy lawyers …

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Can You Know Truth?

  Shalom, Are there tests/questions for some ideas/concepts to see if they are true? Toda Raba (thank you), Jonathan Click here to see Rabbi and Susan Lapin’s answer Do you have a question that you would like to Ask The Rabbi? click here 0

Religion? Never!

In Israel you might hear a youngster protesting to his mother in Hebrew, Zeh Loh Fair.  The first two words mean “This is not…”  The third word means exactly what it says in English—fair.  The juvenile is saying that his mother is unfair.  You see, there is no word in Hebrew for the concept of …

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Blame Humans, Not God

The magazine was dated Fall 1997, full of inspirational, informational and enjoyable articles for the Jewish woman.  After recently finding it in a closet, I reread it this Shabbat, figuring that most of the presentations would still have value. I found a lesson I did not suspect. Tucked amid the pages was an article describing …

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Charlie Brown Republicans

  Warning: This Musing is controversial and may cause offense. I’d much rather it leads to action or, at least, discussion. I spent much of the last presidential cycle screaming (mostly silently, but always passionately) with frustration at Mitt Romney. More than once, I came close to tears trying to convince one of his most …

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