June 2013

Confusing Good and Bad

I am in shock. Granted this is not the, “Did you hear that Canada just invaded the U.S.,” or, “The banks just closed their doors and the government isn’t making good on accounts,” type of shock, but it is nonetheless intense. This source of my angst seems innocuous: Good Housekeeping magazine. While I was growing […]

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Fool Us Again – Shame on Us

The phrase ‘immigration reform’ sends pulses racing and blood pressure skyrocketing of people on all sides of the issue. Like most Americans who have families and businesses to nurture, I am not able to keep up with every detail or to give this political matter, along with dozens of other important ones, the attention it

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Water, Water, Everywhere

What is interesting about these cities?  Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Tokyo.  No, it’s not the alphabetic sequence; that’s just me being mischievous.  Here’s a clue:  Jerusalem is probably the only city that doesn’t fit that pattern.  What other great city older than two hundred years was not built on either a river or the

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One and Only

It is no fun to be roped into a game whose rules are a bewildering mystery.  It’s positively painful to start a new job and discover that nobody’s in charge and lines of communication and authority are as temporary as jet contrails in a windy sky.  It’s rough on children to grow up amidst arbitrary

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Scandals and Sweethearts

Where to begin? The most recently reported American scandal? Older scandals that the administration is hoping citizens will ignore? The newly released Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that pretty much turns us into a nation of troubled people? Iraq? Syria? China? I’d rather start with the good news. Namely, the birth of our

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Defeating Despair

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you who so promptly and so generously responded to my appeal on Monday for help in sustaining the American Alliance of Jews and Christians.  (If you missed my letter, see it here: http://www.rabbidaniellapin.com/aajc/index.html) _______________________________________________________________ While serving the synagogue it was my privilege to establish in

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Dueling Debaters

I don’t know whether this advice is still in fashion or if a newer “best advice ever” has already appeared, but numerous articles say that when you are arguing with someone you should repeat what they said so that they know you listened to them. After you make your point, they should do the same,

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