May 2013

You Really Count!

Psst! Want to see a list of the world’s 50 most influential Jews?  How about the list of the top 10 mistakes that husbands make?  Interested in the top 10 distinctions between millionaires and the middle class?  The 100 best lawyer jokes or the 7 secrets of success? All these lists are real and all […]

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Hey Beautiful, You’re Fired

Life must be terribly annoying to human secularists.  They are stuck with human beings that God created who possess certain built-in tendencies, and no amount of social engineering seems to eradicate those proclivities.  No matter how many times the, “we know what’s best for you,” crowd insists that we should act according to their wisdom,

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America: The Board Game

For a while, one of my daughters was an avid RISK player. For those of you unfamiliar with that classic game, the goal is world domination, achieved through a combination of skill and luck. America is not a board game. I am getting quite tired of hearing the IRS or Benghazi scandals discussed in terms

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Shocking Secret of Life

One of the great delights of sharing life with my wife is her voracious reading appetite.  She tells me about some books, she summarizes others and occasionally recommends one for me to read.  This she did recently with Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in the early 19th century. In her introduction, Shelley contemplates the ‘nature

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Fair is one of those words that in reality means very little.  When a child protests a punishment saying, “That’s not fair,” most of us try to explain why it really is fair.  A better response would be, “Hippopotami mostly eat grass.”  “What’s that got to do with anything?” the baffled offspring might ask. “Precisely!”

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Parents and Predators

When I heard that, after being taken into custody for kidnapping and raping three girls in Ohio, Ariel Castro was not able to raise $8 million dollars in bail, my first reaction was, “He should be facing a lynch mob, not a bail possibility.” Admittedly, lynch mobs have their problems and my reaction isn’t reasoned

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What’s My Price?

There are parts of my job that I avoid. They are the tasks that make me feel a passionate longing to run and get the mail or find some other reason to bolt from my chair. These tasks set me squirming and gratefully answering a telemarketer’s phone call. Every job has these elements. A friend

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