Month: April 2013

Opting for Optimism

Looking up from my computer screen, I see blue sky, green bushes and pink flowering trees. In the northwest, we don’t take that scene for granted. Coupled with the serenity of the library where I am working, all seems well with the world. That is an illusion, of course. I came to this spot seeking …

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Bible Codes – Real or Rubbish?

Hidden codes embedded in Scripture!  Bible codes predict terrorist attacks!  Sensationalistic headlines like these have been seen for years.  Melodramatic books with extravagant claims appeared in the mid-1990s often written by authors with little Hebrew knowledge. So frequently am I asked about this that I’m devoting this Thought Tool to the topic.  While in yeshiva, …

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A ‘Penney’ for Your Thoughts

As Target’s head merchandiser, Ron Johnson was successful.  Then Steve Jobs hired him to create those sleek gadget-filled Apple stores.  Opening 300 stores with incredibly high average sales per square foot, Ron made Apple Stores the top American retailer by this measure, with annual sales over a billion dollars. Johnson seemed a miracle merchandiser. In …

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Supporting a Christian Family on Holocaust Remembrance Day

  ‘Coincidentally,’ I became aware of the plight of the Romeike family on Holocaust Remembrance Day. In 2008, the Romeike family fled to the United States because their desire to homeschool their children ran counter to the law in their native Germany. Threatened with escalating fines and the probable removal of their children from their …

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Boating Down the Nile

During 2006, 22 year-old Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, turned down billion dollar offers from Viacom and Yahoo. He chose to believe in himself and his creation rather than accepting an offer that would provide safety and security. Whether young or old, the temptation to take refuge in security rather than to keep on building …

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Home Libraries

What a world! Just as we begin changing the look of our house, the décor that has characterized us since we got married comes into fashion! According to recent reports, home libraries are booming.  This puts an entirely different slant on the thousands of books we have lying around. Instead of following our recently instituted …

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