Month: March 2013

Meet Your Destiny

Our offices and store will be closed from sunset Sunday night 3/31 Pacific Time through an hour after sunset Tuesday night 4/2 in obedience to God’s command to not work on the festival days of Passover. We appreciate your patience. __________________________________________________ Please remember that emails purporting to be from me offering goods, services, or deals …

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Lark Rise

Over the past few months, I’ve been watching a BBC series called Lark Rise to Candleford.  I admit to being a sucker for the British accents, the clothing and the setting, a pastoral part of northern England in pre-World War I days.  Two of the recurring characters are cousins; women who made different life choices. …

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Yes, Boss!

Our office and store will be closed from sunset Monday night 3/25 Pacific Time through an hour after sunset Wednesday night 3/27 in obedience to God’s command to not work on the festival days of Passover.  We appreciate your patience. Please look for your Thought Tool one day later than usual. ____________________ Please be aware …

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Cleaning and Loving It

I have a friend who gets little pleasure from cooking. It is a reality of life for her rather than a tactile, sensual experience. That is, unless she is cooking for the Sabbath. When she does that, the activity is infused with meaning and importance and changes from an annoying necessity into a higher calling. …

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Anger Ammunition

A Florida state senator has filed State Bill 1678, requiring anyone purchasing firearm ammunition to complete an online two-hour anger-management-training program.  Does she think that explosions of anger occur because people lack easily acquired information? Imagine! Temper tantrums that disrupt air travel, road rage incidents and violence in the work place could be avoided by …

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There comes a time in the life of email users when the inbox is too full. I reach that point regularly. Often, a half hour of surface tidying relieves enough of the bloated file to continue working. Sometimes, such as this week, that isn’t enough. This time, I made the painful, and perhaps callous, decision …

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Soul Piercing

The US Coastguard 7th District, covering Florida, periodically reports on ritualistic suspensions. Apparently, some people spend their weekends suspended from meat hooks carefully inserted into different parts of their bodies. They dangle from a large tripod apparatus erected on sandbars in Biscayne Bay. Many Moslems bloodily celebrate Ashura, the anniversary of the death of Mohammad’s …

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Travel Gratitude

  Thank you! I was remiss in not thanking those of you who regularly comment on my Musings, but I also have to tell you how much I appreciated all your comments last week. Doesn’t it raise your spirits to know how many people either share your views or are able to rationally and politiely …

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