February 2013

Musing Without a Reaction

A very large number of you read Robert Avrech’s piece, Jew Without a Gun, last week. Some of you mentioned how powerful it was when we met at my husband’s North Carolina appearance. Others of you emailed me privately. I was surprised, though, by how few of you left comments on the Musing site. I […]

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Guest Posting: Jew Without a Gun

I have only printed one guest posting before—by my daughter. This time, I am posting a piece by Hollywood screenwriter, Robert Avrech, because I think it may save lives. My husband and I have met Robert, but even if we did not know him, I think his words are well worth reading. I am publishing

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Color My World

It is true that there is no specific ancient Jewish wisdom on how The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind effectively ended the era of black-and-white movies when they were released in 1939.  But the Torah does teach the permanent principles of color. It even teaches why different colors impact us in different

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Here’s to the Future, Baby!

When outsiders peek into the world of Torah observance, they often see a long list of “do’s” and “don’ts.” To those who try to immerse themselves in the system, details that can seem persnickety instead reveal how to live successfully. The rules we try our best to follow align our actions with God’s deep understanding

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Homeless Hopelessness (Part 2)

In (Part 1) last week I introduced you to Richard LeMieux, who wrote a book telling of his descent into homelessness and the intriguing cast of characters he met in Bremerton, Washington. This week I continue with some observations I had after reading his book. In previous years, some of the unfortunate, but worthy people

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The Enterprise of Transformation

I visited many cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel last year, and I traveled through many airports while delivering over fifty speeches.  (I counted them here: https://www.rabbidaniellapin.com/speaking_engagements.php) During my travels, I frequently rent a car.  Sometimes from Hertz, other times from the smaller companies, Avis and National.  Since I rarely see

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