Month: January 2013

Reputation Robbery

I have been injured. A repugnant robber, without even the courage of a mugger, hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet in foreign countries has injured me.  Riding on my reputation, with resolute wickedness, this degenerate wretch has dispatched millions of emails to countless innocent recipients around the world pretending to be me.  Attempting to …

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Still Mothering

My baby came home. O.k., as a third year medical student, he isn’t technically a baby. He isn’t even technically my baby as three younger sisters arrived after him. And he only came home for four days. But any mother reading this knows what I’m feeling. There seems to be so little I can do …

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The Chimp and I

Several readers have notified us that someone is using our Thought Tools format for Internet spam.  According to our investigators they are trying to piggy-back on our credibility to sell a worthless book on choosing babies gender.  If you received such spam, we are sorry for the inconvenience and are working to make this impossible …

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Of Suds and Citizenship

This may not be culture threatening, but I couldn’t find my notebook this morning. Despite increasing reliance on my computer, I am still partial to the college-ruled notebooks that are available for about ten cents apiece during August back-to-school sales. Having started a new one yesterday it was particularly irksome that it wasn’t in its …

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The Severed Flower

If I cut a beautiful flower off its plant and bring it indoors, I seem to have done a clever thing. No longer need I step outside to enjoy the bright colors and intoxicating fragrance  – it’s right there on my desk. However, the next day I notice the flower is less colorful and its …

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