Year: 2013

How Can I Keep Track of Ukraine When I Can’t Get Through Dickens?

It boggles my mind sometimes to think that Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, Common Sense or Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison’s Federalist Papers were aimed at ordinary men and women. Do you know anyone who thinks their modern equivalents would achieve best-seller status if issued today, as they did in their time? I think it …

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Huff, #%&(%#, Puff

When I signed up for an exercise class, a number of things worried me. Would I end up wasting money by paying a monthly fee and not attending? Would my ratty T-shirts brand me as a fashion nerd? Would the class resemble elementary school gym, where a misstep made you the butt of cruel laughter? …

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Would You Rah-ther…?

See FREE SHIPPING offer at the bottom! Some of our children used to love to play a somewhat morbid game called, “Would you rah-ther?” That is “rather” but with an exaggerated British accent. They would ask each other questions such as, “Would you rah-ther have no hands or no feet?” and “Would you rah-ther live …

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Ted Cruz Fireworks

As I write this, I am at a Wallbuilders conference in Dallas, where my husband is speaking. I have just come back to the room after hearing Ted Cruz. Do you remember the tense weeks back in 2000 when the Bush/Gore election was undecided? A Bush-supporting acquaintance of mine confessed that she and her Gore-championing …

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Smoke and Mirrors

How often do we hear or read something that makes no logical sense? This probably happens much more frequently than we realize, since our attention moves quickly to the next item assaulting our senses. Since we don’t closely analyze the barrage of messages coming our way, we are rarely aware of how much nonsense we …

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Union Bashing?

After a business trip to Denver and a month in Israel that was a wonderful combination of being with family, celebrating the holidays and more work, it has taken me a while to dig through accumulated mail. Coping with jet lag and fighting a not-very-successful battle against a bug I picked up on the plane …

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