November 2012

Choose Life

I am driving my husband crazy. This is not, as you might think, because he returned home to an organized study. He is gracious enough to concede that he loves the way his study looks and will be able to work more efficiently than before. No, it is because I am not keeping quiet while […]

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Writing, Not Fighting

My just concluded United Kingdom speaking tour began with an address to Citygate Church in London the night I arrived.  Dispelling jetlag with adrenaline, I taught about how much of the Torah emphasizes God’s desire for His children to nurture strong and emotionally authentic relationships with one another. I showed how God wants families and

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Economic Conservatives. Social Conservatives. Is it Time for a Divorce?

Dear Sarah, I read your piece in the Wall Street Journal and was nodding in agreement and cheering you on. That is, until about half way through. You wrote some marvelous phrases about the GOP’s tragic inability to sell a conservative economic message to those very voters who sided with the Democratic Party despite the

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No One is Reading This, Right?

Let’s be real. It is election night and most of you, at least my American readers, will be sitting at the edge of your seats or off to rejoice with or gain solace from friends. Wednesday morning, all you will want to talk about will be the election. What chance does my Musing have of

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