Month: October 2012

Giving God a Hand

After speaking for Hillsong at the Dominion Theater in London on Sunday, I was honored to speak on Monday night for a large audience including several hundred associates of the Genistar Corporation, UK, at the London Chamber of Commerce.  Walking to this event, I passed the imposing St. Paul’s Cathedral, which amazingly survived the bombing …

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Name that Animal

Dale Carnegie started it with his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. With Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg continues to stress the importance of “friends.”  But collecting “friends” because of the benefit they bring you is creepy and manipulative. It is certainly no way to form authentic relationships. This Thursday night, God willing, will be …

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Royal Recommendation

Imagine a remote island never touched by civilization.  Its primitive populace possesses limited livestock and subsists on ineffective agriculture and inept fishing.  Violence and brutality are common; tribal warfare and disease shorten life expectancy. Now imagine being parachuted onto this island.  Let’s stipulate that the natives venerate you as a god-from-the-sky, feed you and care …

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ATVs, Guns and Ballots

My husband and I always have fun and learn something new when we spend time with our friends, David and Cheryl Barton ( ). The time we shared a few weeks ago was no exception. They graciously introduced us to their friends, Pastor Tim and Terri Brooks who had invited my husband to address the …

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Laundry Curmudgeon

I realize that there are urgent and important stories making the news or being under-reported. Nevertheless, I ask your indulgence while I vent about a seemingly minor topic. Over the past year, our laundry has frequently piled up. We’ve often been on the road doing speeches and appearances for two-week periods with seldom more than …

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