Month: June 2012

Hire Me! Hire Me!

Finding a terrific job is not easy.  One way to ruin your chances is by projecting over-confidence. While employers certainly want to know what you can do for them, being full of yourself will turn off most interviewers.  Understanding Joseph’s behavior will provide us with some specific strategies for interviews and meetings. After failing to …

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Happily Neanderthal

Have you ever done something that seems completely ordinary to you, only to find people looking at you as if you were an apparition from Neptune? A few months ago, my husband and I were Shabbat guests of a synagogue far from our home. We were graciously befriended and hosted by a couple in the …

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Holistic Healing

Belief plays an essential role in healing.  Having confidence in my doctor when he assures me that I am doing fine encourages a more rapid recovery than if that spiritual factor is absent. I wasn’t surprised to read an article in BMJ, formerly known as the British Medical Journal, revealing that about half the doctors …

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Strangers and Friends, originally published Oct. 14, 2009

It’s not unusual these days to hear someone boast that they have more than 1,000 friends. Of course, they have never met these buddies as they are Internet “friends”. Given the opportunity, most people might even be horrified at the idea of actually meeting many of their “friends”. We have an alternative way of making …

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Brain Flame

Imagine a room full of shouting people; walls plastered with large sheets of paper covered with scrawls. What is it?  A kindergarten for children with poor social skills?  No, it is a typical brainstorming session. Originated in the 1940s by advertising man Alex Osborn, brainstorming with its freewheeling tossing out of ideas and absence of …

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