Month: March 2012


Years ago, my mother joined my husband and me on a lecture trip to a charming Southern town. Our host graciously showed us around and included the historic, local synagogue in his itinerary.  After a few minutes my mother opted out of seeing the whole edifice, looked physically ill. When I wanted to stay with …

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The Democratic War Against Women

The past few weeks have seen multiple variation on the theme, “The Republican War against Women” trotted out by Democratic Party aficionados. The attacks would be laughable were the stakes not so high. Let’s leave aside the super-hypocrisy of crying “foul” over Rush Limbaugh’s language which was pristine compared to that which is regularly used …

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Alaska Under Attack

My email box regularly fills up with messages from businesses, but this one was different. It wasn’t advertising a sale or a new product. Instead it was informing me, along with millions of other Alaska Airlines passengers, that after more than thirty years the company was discontinuing a tradition. No longer would cards displaying inspirational …

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Robots are Rational

After several pointless provocations by your teenager, you finally lose patience and threaten, “If you do that one more time, you’ll be grounded for two weeks!” And she goes and does it again! Why did she do something so silly? It only hurt her. In 1986 an obscure group of environmental extremists in London distributed …

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