January 2012

Real Controversy

Forget Gingrich vs. Romney; forget the Keystone pipeline and recess appointments without a recess – a truly controversial issue recently reared its head again. I speak, of course, about sixteen year old Laura Dekker’s successful solo circumnavigation, granting her the title as the youngest sailor to do so. Well, actually the completion of her trip […]

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Don’t Ask – Do Tell

I don’t suggest that driving a Lamborghini resembles riding a skateboard. However, there are similarities; for instance each has four wheels. I don’t suggest that seeking a wife resembles hiring an employee. However, there are similarities; for instance both require a decision on whether a long term relationship would work. There is no shortage of

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The GOP’s Harriet Miers Moment

I heard it said that Mitt Romney missed the 1960’s. While the youth in America rioted and upended decades of tradition, he played by the rules of previous generations. The path he chose brought him a stable marriage and an exemplary family along with financial success. I can’t imagine that he regrets missing out on

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No Tax Credits, Please

Here are two pieces of information that might help you understand what I am about to write. A) I like Rick Santorum B) I appreciate large families The combination of those two factors suggests that I should welcome Mr. Santorum’s campaign proposal to increase the per child tax credit.  Yet, my heart sank when I

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Deep Currents

Can you tell the difference between these two lists of questions? List A What is the best way to treat tuberculosis? What is the quickest way to get to New York from Los Angeles? How high can a skyscraper be built? What is the best way to obtain energy? List B What is the best

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I Didn’t Mean to be a Witch

Most book titles mean something only if you are familiar with the contents of the book. There is nothing particularly descriptive about the words, Little Women or Tom Sawyer. The titles evoke a reaction only because the books are well known. More intriguing names like The Red Badge of Courage or The Scarlet Letter are

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Life Isn’t Fair

A short while ago, National Public Radio ran a piece entitled, “Many Women Underestimate Fertility Clock’s Clang.” It related the results of a recent study showing that most women are ignorant of the young age at which one’s chances of easily conceiving begin rapidly falling. Women who heed the prevalent cry to concentrate on their

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What! Another Resolution?

Want to lose weight? Me too. And so did 84 female housekeepers in seven different hotels who typically clean fifteen rooms a day. They were measured for physiological health variables affected by exercise and then two Harvard University psychologists informed half the women (untruthfully) that their daily work alone constituted enough exercise to make them

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