Month: September 2011

The Ears Have It

People say, “Have a happy New Year” referring to the Jewish high holyday of Rosh HaShana, starting this evening. I’m no Grinch and I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s all wrong. I wouldn’t mind if people said, “Make it a happy new year,” but “Have a happy new year,” misses the point. Being happy is …

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Virtual Baking

It is easy to feel out of it when I don’t recognize the stars gracing the magazine covers in the supermarket check-out line. It is easy to feel like a recent immigrant from another planet when I still prefer to receive my news from a print newspaper rather than online or from the host of …

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Sabotaging Success

Sabotaging our own success is so common that psychologists frequently explore why so many people wreck their relationships, careers and life-goals. We tend to undermine our own dreams chiefly in three ways. A) Self-destructive behavior such as excessive and unwholesome involvement with alcohol, food, sex, or drugs. B) Procrastinating by means of television, movies, or …

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Fair – or Not?

Fall brings with it lots of lovely activities: apple picking, jumping in piles of leaves and, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, the Puyallup Fair. If you know how to pronounce ‘Puyallup,’ you have probably been to this fair which has been a September highlight for our family for the past twenty years. Ten …

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