Month: August 2011

Against the Tide

Having been rather busy last week, I just got around to reading Rabbi Jonathan Sacks powerful piece, Reversing the Decay of London Undone, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The incredibly articulate chief rabbi of Great Britain explored a historical precedent both for the recent riots in England and for believing that there is …

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Hair Comes the Bride

When Miriam was three years old and noises from her room indicated that she had woken from her nap, I went to get her and was greeted by a bright, beaming face. While she somewhat resembled the child I had put to sleep, there was one distinct difference. She had taken the opportunity to give …

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In 2001, Standard and Poor’s awarded a top grade to Enron until five days prior to its collapse. It also rated Lehman Brothers Holdings highly while that company was sliding inexorably towards bankruptcy in 2008. I am not suggesting that Standard and Poor’s generally lacks reliability. My intent is to show that very smart people …

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Everyone’s Loss

Does any American heart not constrict at the news of the twenty-two SEALS and eight other troops who died when their helicopter was hit in Afghanistan as they went to rescue comrades under fire? Yet the way of the world is that other than those personally affected, the rest of us move on rather quickly …

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Email Overload

I was sent to my room last week and told not to come out before the job was finished. To be completely accurate, I sent myself. The job under question was to reduce all my email inboxes to no more than 75 items. Year ago, when I got my first email address, 75 entries would …

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