Month: May 2011

Love that Counts

This coming Sunday is Susan and my wedding anniversary. Whenever I say her name an irrepressible surge of ecstatic appreciation wells up in my heart. My gratitude for the love she lavishes upon me and for the delirious joy I feel in her company is exceeded by the adoring amazement I feel about her agreeing …

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Out of Tune

My youngest daughter is pragmatically deciding whether to continue college or rather to get certified in an area that interests her. She is part of a generation that knows that college attendance and education are not necessarily synonymous. In her experience and that of her siblings, they are frequently polar opposites. For this reason, she …

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Loving Limits

During the past year or so, despite the recession, I have been noticing quite a few companies reporting excellent earnings. Upon reading their reports it became clear that many of them achieved this without increasing sales revenues. Instead, it was rigid cost discipline that allowed these firms to post profits. Many families have followed a …

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Five Minutes

In five minutes I can write a warm note to a friend letting them know that I am thinking of them. In five minutes, I can check if my bank and I have the same balance for my account. In five minutes I can recite a chapter or two of Psalms or unload the dishwasher …

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Here Comes the Promotion; There Goes the Marriage

All right. That wasn’t exactly what the large letters at the top of April 28’s Wall Street Journal declared, enticing one to read the related article in the Personal Journal section. It was actually “Here Come the Baby; There Goes the Marriage.” But wouldn’t my suggested title work as well? How about any of the …

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