April 2011

Beatrice Fairfax to the Rescue

Leaving aside human needs like oxygen and water, there are a host of other human wants as well. We crave affection and achievement; yearn for stability and companionship. I’ve noticed one more ubiquitous desire – a longing, particularly from women, for advice in our personal lives. While the boomer generation grew up reading Dear Abby and […]

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Feeling Secure Yet?

Lately, it feels as if I go to the airport more frequently than I go the supermarket. A succession of business trips coupled with a number of family events has meant that my frequent flyer miles are skyrocketing. This means, of course, that I have numerous encounters with TSA. It is hard to think of

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A Tale of Two Houses

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In observance and honor of the closing days of the Passover holyday, our offices and store will be closed from sunset on Sunday, April 24 through late night Tuesday, April 26. Celebrities frequently crash and burn in flagrantly flamboyant ways. Their home lives implode and their careers slide. Other people often weather huge

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A Passover Song

Guests constantly visit my study and though I talk to them, sometimes quite loudly, they are strangely invisible to everyone else. One frequent visitor is my father. His presence helps me prepare speeches. When the ideas flow too slowly or I find myself struggling to memorize a difficult paragraph, I invite him in. He knows

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Luv Ya!

I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings, but except for a select few readers, I don’t love you. When I first moved to Los Angeles many years ago, I noticed that people routinely said, “See you later,” instead of saying good-bye as they would in my native state. I quickly discovered that this was a

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Change a Diaper – Semper Fi

The mother raising five youngsters is constantly cooking, cleaning, and comforting. Why? Because she believes that transforming these five little people into the best adults they can possibly become is her Divine purpose. That is why she proudly identifies herself as a mother. Why does the Marine corporal face fearsome conditions with calm fortitude? Because

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Channeling John Adams

Every once in a while, I write something which says exactly what I hoped and wanted to say. More frequently, my words fall short of my thoughts and feelings. This reality makes me very grateful for those whose writings resonate with me as did John Bolton’s piece on American intervention in Libya. I was finding

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