Month: November 2010

Can’t Live Without It? – originally posted Nov. 20, 2008

We parents have an annoying habit. There might be a few lone parental souls who don’t do this but I certainly do and so do all the mothers and fathers that I personally know. We tend to repeat certain phrases. This is not an unconscious habit like a nervous tic. It is deliberate. After all, …

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No Thank-you

My wife and I love receiving the thank-you notes a friend sends whenever she is a guest at one of our Shabbat meals. Unlike typical thank-you cards, hers detail the experiences at our table.  She mentions the delicious food, the scintillating conversation, and the stimulating company.  (I am quoting from a recent note she sent!) …

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Wicked Fun

  By nature, I am not impulsive, but when my youngest daughter’s college lecture was cancelled last Wednesday and I had no urgent deadlines to meet, we hit the half-price ticket booth in Times Square. A few hours later, we were ensconced in fantastic seats watching the Broadway show, Wicked. The last Broadway show I …

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House of Shame – originally published Nov. 11, 2009

This blog from just over a year ago, wrote itself. I was enraged and sickened by the events described. I still feel that too little attention was paid to the outrageous behavior that took place. May God comfort the families of those killed or injured, may He keep our troops from harm, and may He make us …

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Excuse Me, God

“Do you have any questions for me?” I asked the applicant for a position in my organization.  “Yes,” she responded.  “How many vacation and sick days do I get each year?”  Needless to say, she got none from me. There is a right way and many wrong ways to interview for a job.  The right …

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