Month: August 2010

Slip Sliding Away

Elegant laws of faith and physics link the mysteries of the universe to the banality of human behavior.  For instance, they explain why I find it so hard to keep my desk neat, my body thin, and my business profitable.  If I shake a jar containing green and red marbles arranged in alternating layers, they …

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A Little Less Library

Sandy is a generous tipper. After a restaurant meal, you can count on her to leave not only money for the waiter but also a smile and a word of appreciation. Her sensitivity was developed the summer that she waited tables earning money for college. When my own children attend a lecture or class at …

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City of Peace?

As a youngster who loved woodwork, I remember once announcing to my mother that I was about to build her a spice rack.  After a few hours of sawing and gluing, I realized it looked more like a doll house so I asked mom if she’d mind having a doll house instead.  It later became …

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You Made Me

A few years ago, a large construction company was uneasy about having to change managers in the middle of an important project.  They consulted me after they placed Jennifer in charge of developing the new financial controls system.  I soon discovered that though she was familiar with the work plan and project definition, she was …

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Gentleman Lessons – originally pub. Nov. 13, 2008

“Gentlemen chew with their mouths closed.” “Gentlemen don’t interrupt other people when they are talking.” My four and five year old grandsons are giving me a rundown on their “gentlemen lessons” Their father, an authentic southern gentleman, imparts these bits of wisdom at the supper table. While the boys may not always live up to …

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From Bibs to Boardrooms (pub. Oct. 30, 2008)

      I had lunch the other month with a powerful group of women. Around the table sat a highly intelligent and accomplished bunch made up of small business owners, executives, and/or entrepreneurs.   I didn’t meet these women through a business organization or college alumnae program. We actually met many years ago, when …

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