Month: June 2010

All the Way to the Top

 Women excel in many activities previously dominated by men.  Women are found in mathematics, physics, symphony orchestras, soccer, and yes, even NASCAR race cars.  However, one area that appears to be conspicuously short of female talent is the field of stage magicians and illusionists.  While women predominate as magician assistants, it is hard to find …

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Time for Literacy Tests

  An air of confusion hangs over Alvin Greene’s victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary. The candidate for the U.S. Senate seemingly came out of nowhere to receive 59% of the vote. Allegations of dirty tricks have been made, but so far none have been substantiated.   Anecdotal evidence suggests that many did indeed …

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The Child Equation

  Reading an article in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal entitled, “The Case for More Kids,” gave me the impression its real headline should have been, “Having Kids Isn’t as Bad as You Might Think, but It’s Still Pretty Bad.” A sunny, optimistic view of family it was not. Maybe I am overly sensitive but phrases …

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The Worst of Times

  Three Jewish lads somehow survived the death camps that claimed all their family members.  They had spent a large part of their young lives witnessing unimaginable horrors and enduring nightmarish tortures.    Soon after gazing at the Statue of Liberty their lives began to change.  William Konar opened a little drug store that grew …

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  .   “…it seems everybody is eager to pounce on my story now that something bad has happened.”   We spent a fair amount of time in the car last week, which included listening to more radio news than usual. At the time, newscasters were fixated on Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old sailor …

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Persuasion Power

Note: Each week a number of you contact us to say, “Where is my Thought Tool?” Since Thought Tools started in January 2008, we have never missed a week. While you can always read the latest 3 issues on our home page, you can increase the likelihood of Thought Tool arriving in your mailbox by …

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Building a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Home in a ‘Gossip Girl’ World

  Have you ever seen the TV show, Gossip Girl? Well, I haven’t, which means that I went out on a limb a bit by mentioning it in the title of a presentation I am giving in a few weeks, “Building a Little House on the Prairie Home in a Gossip Girl World.” I thought …

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A Modest Proposal

  Modest: Observing conventional proprieties in behavior, speech and dress   So says my Webster dictionary. But what in the world does it mean? In today’s world exactly what are the conventional proprieties? I believe a hat is necessary if you are a lady invited to join Queen Elizabeth for a garden party at Buckingham …

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I Hear You

  I told him a joke the other day.  Before I finished my punch line he started telling me a better one.  Another time he sought my advice but as I was contemplating my response he burst out with his own answer.  In the time we’ve known one another I don’t suppose he has really …

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