April 2010

Time for Your Second Act

Though neither of us could afford the time off work, my wife and I took a long walk through the forest last week.  It was so utterly rejuvenating that when we returned to our office I decided that we couldn’t have afforded not to have gone. Experiencing a kaleidoscope of new blossoms, birds breaking into […]

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Goofing Off

  One of the downsides of running your own company is that you always know when at least one of your employees (you) is goofing off. Nevertheless, that was what I was doing last week. I came back from a truly wonderful Passover (see below, Fifty pounds of potatoes…) rather tuckered out, and had great

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Often Charming – Always Dangerous

Back in the 1970s, Jim Davis, a good and deeply religious man, felt he could safely go into business with his flamboyant roommate at Baylor University, Allen Stanford.  In early 2009 Stanford Financial collapsed in scandal.  Today, Davis is a ruined man.   A long time ago, I entered into a business transaction with someone

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Free to Choose?

  I was chatting with a young mother recently while two of her three sons simulated a boxing match. The baby watched avidly from his stroller. Turning to me, my companion said, “I’ve never been a boy. How am I supposed to understand them?”   I don’t really think she was expecting an answer. But

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The Magic of Many

  If it takes 1 man 1 hour to dig a ditch, how long will it take 2 men to dig the same ditch? “Half-an-hour” is not the correct answer.    Depending upon whether they help or hinder one another, there are two possible right answers:  More than an hour or less than half an

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Fifty Pounds of Potatoes, Fifteen Dozen Eggs…

  At the end of the meal, after proclaiming in a loud voice, “Thank you HaShem (God); thank you Grandma,” three year old Eli noticed that everyone at the table was looking at him. He explained to the group, “I like to thank both those guys.” Which pretty much sums up our Passover. With God’s

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The Return of Sue Barton

  I have just re-read Sue Barton: Visiting Nurse. If you are male or perhaps a female under a certain age, you might not be familiar with the Sue Barton series. But for girls born during certain years, not reading Sue Barton would have been like not reading Nancy Drew. Don’t even dream of telling

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Lifetime Learning

After our friend, Mike, served multiple military tours overseas and was back in civilian life, he explained to me that one is never an ex-Marine. You may not be on active service, but you are still a Marine. I hope he and his comrades won’t find this offensive, but I feel somewhat the same way

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