March 2010

Fly High with Humility

    I knew we were in trouble when I learned that many universities have students evaluate their teachers.  Schools that embrace utter equality of students and staff make authentic education impossible.   Outside of some religious schools, students are rarely taught to respect teachers.  Yet, hierarchy still has a role in a free and democratic […]

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Romance in the (Corporate) Air

Corporate America is adjusting to two realities. A) The workplace is staffed by men and women; B) Men and women are attracted to each other.   Fortunately, we are talking business rather than government, so the taxpayer didn’t spend millions of dollars arriving at these startling conclusions. Nevertheless, while both of these factors have been

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Feed the Pig?

  Have you been hearing ads on the radio telling you to “feed the pig”? The ads, sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Advertising Council,  offer suggestions for cutting expenses such as brown-bagging lunch or cutting out your morning latte at the local Starbucks. As cost-cutting measures, these might have

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Passover and…Sex?

Movie screens suggest that sex is public and everyone’s business.  However, just try criticizing sexual misbehavior and you will be quickly told that sex is private and none of your business.  So, which is it?   It’s actually neither, or maybe we should say both.  Sex should be private but it is everybody’s business.   

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Truly “Grate”ful

Just over a year ago, on the day after Thanksgiving 2008, a fisherman in East Texas’ Lake Sam Rayburn pulled in an 8 lb bass. Inside it, he found a beautiful blue-stoned class ring engraved with the name of its owner, Joe Richardson. Through the Internet, the fisherman located Joe who had lost the ring

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Flower Fraud

A few weeks ago, some delightful Shabbat guests presented us with a simple but striking flower arrangement. Six yellow roses stood in a long, narrow vase, while colored stones nestled on the bottom. On my own, I would not have thought of arraying roses in such a way, but I did see that I could,

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