Month: February 2010

Glamour Girls

The Purim holiday, as described in the Book of Esther, is only a few days away. A truly joyous day, Purim festivities include a strong tradition of dressing up in costumes. For very young girls Purim has routinely been the day when they can glop on lipstick, blush and eye shadow, don their mother’s discarded …

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Northwest Storms

This week’s unusual snowstorms on the east coast reminded me of a few years back when our lovely part of the country had a difficult winter, accompanied by power outtages. Our house lost power fo many days, prompting this blog which I am re-posting. I am trying to count my blessings. We’re all in good health; …

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More Money, Please

  Last week, I read an extremely disturbing article concerning the inability of the VA system to cope with female soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Problems ranged from a lack of sufficient women’s bathrooms and other facilities to a shortage of psychological counseling geared towards women’s specific needs. Unbelievably, some VA physicians were reported …

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My No-Sweat Marathon

Upon reaching a certain age most people experience saying something and realizing that they sound suspiciously like their parents. The reverse is true as well. Not too many years after having children, you spot them saying or doing something and realize that they are sounding or acting just like you. If the child is sounding warm, …

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