I admit to not following the Bill O’Reilly/Fox News story carefully. One of the lovely plusses of a holiday like Passover is five days with no communication from the outside world (the first two and last two days of Passover and the Sabbath in the middle.) However, if a comment about there being a lot of blondes at Fox is seen as proof of sexual harassment, then perhaps it’s time to ban women from the workplace. People make bad jokes all the time; people make stupid jokes all the time. Having everybody walk on eggshells or refrain from talking because, “everything you say can and will be used against you,” does not make for a healthy workplace. There is plenty of real harassment of all kinds that goes on. In my opinion, that comment doesn’t make the cut.

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  1. The whole O’Reilly situation and some of his actions should make VP Pence’s stand on not eating without his wife seem wise. But the blond things is someone just looking for attention. If women are going to put themselves in situations where this could happen, don’t complain when it does.

    1. Good point, Lynn. Basically, no matter what a conservative or Republican does, he’s in the wrong. To attack V.P. Pence for honoring his marriage is ludicrous.

  2. I feel that people today are way too sensitive and that the slightest comment is taken the wrong way. People need to toughen up, ignore it, let it roll off your back. If it is a continuing problem or escalates, then its harassment.

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